West Virginia has a wide range of issues that are affecting the state negatively. Several of these issues are all intertwined and major progress can be made on all these issues with legalizing and decriminalizing all forms of cannabis. The recent 2017 WV medical cannabis bill, SB 386, was a nice effort but it didn’t go far enough. The bill created more government regulations and expensive state controlled licenses, all while prohibiting the flower form of medicinal marijuana. In 2018 the WV house and senate both considered improvements to the 2017 bill but the house refused to consider the amended bill on the last day of the regular session. In 2016, estimates showed that legalizing marijuana in West Virginia could raise about $45 million in revenue, save $17 million in enforcement, and most certainly have a positive effect on the opioid crisis by offering lower cost, less addictive, alternatives to people suffering from opioid addiction.
This revenue could go so far for our state, I think even further than the estimates indicate, if instituted correctly and with personal freedom being the main focus. The complete legalization and decriminalization of cannabis would take a lot of pressure off of our overburdened and understaffed regional jail system. It could create a whole new generation of homegrown West Virginia entrepreneurs, not burdened by heavy state regulations and strict licenses. It could also attract people and families from states where cannabis remains prohibited and could benefit medically from medicinal marijuana. It could also go a long way to funding PEIA, improving our schools or roads and much, much, more.
The other foundation of my platform is reducing the size and scope of government. West Virginia has a government problem. It continues to expand and grow as our state population has contracted. Eliminating wasteful spending and useless government bureaucracy will save taxpayers money and help the state flourish. It’s time to take a hard look at eliminating the cost of government by reducing its size to what is more along the size of what our state requires to run effectively and effieciently. Increasing taxes on working West Virginians to keep growing government is wasteful and unfair and is one of the reason why people are leaving. When the working West Virginian continues to pay into a system that is not giving them a return on their investment it’s easy to see why they make the decision to leave. 


Finally, I am offering the 48th House district another choice, the Libertarian choice. The idea of individual freedom and choice defines the libertarian movement. It’s a choice that harkens back to the spirit of our first pioneer settlers to our states founders in the darkest times of our union. It’s the only choice that offers the path of personal freedom and liberty for all West Virginians.  Join me this November in voting for real Libertarian principles for West Virginia!