After graduating from college in Pittsburgh in 2003, my wife Rosie and I moved to Salem in 2003 and in 2006 we moved to Clarksburg’s North View Neighborhood. At the time we were looking forward to becoming homeowners and continuing life’s journey with new careers somewhat fresh out of college.  The community was great for two young twenty somethings, we had friendly neighbors and loved the tight knit community of North View.
Things began to change a few years later when Clarksburg experienced wave after wave of different drug epidemics. The neighborhood was changing and it was becoming evident that wasn’t for the better. In 6 short years, what I thought was a once desirable Clarksburg neighborhood, now had me questioning if I had made the right choice of purchasing my home here.

Clarksburg and North View is our home!

Restoring our Community

In January 2016 we welcomed the birth of our daughter Audra, and the sense of urgency I felt to keep my daughter and growing family safe was something I had yet to feel in my life. I also felt that if no one was going to do something about our community then I would have to act beyond the realm of just a local volunteer.
I started regularly attending local North View Pride community meetings and getting involved in local politics, which eventually culminated in a run for House of Delegates in 2018. When the opportunity to run for Clarksburg City Council arose, I thought about it long and hard and decided that if I truly wanted to see the change I envision, then I would have to take a shot at it as well. 
The idea of representing my community of North View and the entire city of Clarksburg at City Hall is one of the most honorable things I can imagine and I am exicted to have the opportunity to do that!