Fighting for Clarksburg

I have been lived in Clarksburgs North View Neighborhood for 15 years and we have seen it go through some ups and downs. One thing that has remained constant is the perseverance of our community through these times.

When the times get tough our community rolls up it's sleeves and gets to work. We take responsibility for our streets and take pride in our homes. Every neighborhood in Clarksburg has shown me that there are key people in every area that want to make where they live a better place for their families and neighbors and that makes me confident Clarksburg will overcome any obstacle it may encounter.

I'm running for Clarksburg City Council to extend the fight for Clarksburg to City Hall to make Clarksburg a Safer, Cleaner, and Healthier place to live for my family, friends, and neighbors!

The Clarksburg City Council

Election is June 1st, 2021!